Puppy Kisses – Dog Mouth Cleaner Than Humans – Fact or Myth?

puppy kissesNew FDA report says puppy kisses pose potential health risks. Who doesn’t love dog smooches? Here is what you need to know to keep your pet, you, and your family safe.

While the full report is not expected to be completed until 2016, early results show that 1 in 30 dogs are carrying salmonella and other bacteria.

While these bacteria’s can make your pet sick, only 50% will show any signs of the illness.

The FDA think the bacteria is due to raw pet foods and treats.

So this means we need to look out for more than just dog kisses, we need to clean up counter tops and spoons. The report suggests we use separate bowls and serving spoons.


While I titled the article and spoke mostly about dogs, this is also a problem with other pet types and pet foods. To learn more ways to protect you your family and your specifically your pet, read the entire article here.

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